Why Am I Having Allergies During Menopause?

Why Am I Having Allergies During Menopause?


Menopausal changes that occur during change of life have been linked to over 34 symptoms, some of which are quite unusual. Unlike the familiar menopausal symptoms of hot and cold flashes, heavy unusual sweating, irritability, mood swings, and lapses in memory, for example, many menopausal women are experiencing unexpected allergic reactions. And so, instead of seeking relief from the predictable symptoms, some women find themselves asking, “Why am I having allergies during menopause?

Change of Life Reactions to Substances And Pollens

Allergy is described by Webster’s Dictionary as, “Abnormal or pathological reaction to environmental substances as pollens, foods, dust, or microorganisms.” Pollen is described as, “Dustlike, usually yellow grains containing the male reproductive cells of flowering plants.” Many people, especially children may suffer from various reactions to pollens. However, for many women, any substance during menopause is their first encounter.
Reacting to various substances during change of life is of great concern to the women who are affected. Some of the frequently reported symptoms include: bouts of severe hay fever that present like the common cold; reactions from various foods, fragrances and or perfumes; and asthmatic attacks. I was surprised when a close friend recently told me that her doctor prescribed “an Asthma-pump” for her. With further inquiry, she revealed being thrown in a quandary when she developed frequent bouts of asthma. She said no one in her family has asthma, and she had no prior history herself. However, after many years of being menopausal, she had several frightening experiences with difficulty breathing; tightening in her chest; and wheezing. After various potions and remedies, she was referred to a Pulmonary Specialist who has been added to her list of doctors.
Another acquaintance related a similar story of developing unusual skin reactions during change of life. After months of being menopausal, she reported breaking out in hives and itchy skin on several occasions. Concerned, she visited several doctors, and finally, an Allergist, who determined that her reaction was to fish. The doctor informed her that these reactions during change of life were becoming quite common; and that her skin condition was due to the fish with a hormone-menopause connection. Her avoidance of fish has relieved her symptoms.

The Allergy-hormone Connection

Some women might never experience allergies during menopause. However, for women who do, they can be assured that although the symptoms might be subtle and challenging to diagnose, many doctors are making the connections between these unusual hormonal responses change of life. Women are therefore being encouraged that a visit to the doctor should not be rushed. Time should be spent to explain to the doctor (a) any physical, mental, or lifestyle changes that occurred since her last visit (b) all symptoms being experienced – no matter how mild (c) ask what the doctor thinks might be causing the changes (d) if the doctor suggests treatment, ask for explanations and for alternate treatments (e) explain any past, present and family history that might be related to the allergies. The information you provide your doctor might assist in making a connection between the possible causes of your allergies during menopause.

Choosing the best The change of life Reduction

It can be faster to have Why Am I Having Allergies During Menopause? menopause reduction right now than in the past. Shop racks as well as Websites provide a many goods promising menopause reduction to the the menopause weary. Before purchasing and/or having any sort of medication, Why Am I Having Allergies During Menopause? whether or not non-prescription or perhaps prescribed, it's wise for more information on what to do and remain intelligent about what exactly is available.

In order to come from search of the menopause alleviation remedies, it's a wise idea to create a number of your current the change of life signs or symptoms. Site map for Why Am I Having Allergies During Menopause? Once you have created your current checklist, rate every sign for the intensity combined with the effect it is putting on your own day-to-day dwelling. Different drugs as well as doses will certainly produce numerous the menopause relief Cassie Vault and are also employed for certain menopause problems. It's not going to does one high quality to look at an all natural change of life strategy for menopausal flashes in the event it isn't really designed for hot flashes. A number of women prevent having the signs of menopause relief they demand since they are basically with all the incorrect medicine to help remedy instances because of menopause. Another reason women don't end up being sufficient change of life alleviation is really because themselves care providers and medical doctors usually are not as knowledgeable about the change of life treatments whenever they might be. Consequently going into your medical doctor's business office by using a report on symptoms and maybe even the menopause house test outcomes is generally a huge help in permitting your medical professional actually know which kind of treatment method you actually need. If you feel your medical professional isn't that well-informed when it comes to menopause and control of menopause relief, search around for example which can be. Sure, it really is correctly alright to alter medical professionals and find out a person which is the two up-to-date for that latest therapies together with the one which will certainly treat the entire you instead of only a indicator or test consequence.

Make sure you remember you will find there's great deal you can try by yourself to have menopause reduction. Exercising, diet, anxiety administration, and also adequate rest are normal problems that provide you with significant amounts of menopause comfort. There's also numerous textbooks in the menopause that may give you strategies and techniques pertaining to reducing the menopause signs. On-line forums and also community forums are a great way to find help that could provide you with all-important change of life reduction. It doesn't matter what, don't quit. The menopause alleviation is pretty achievable in the event you simply keep in lookup from the therapy or even remedies that may be effective for you personally.

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    While I can appreciate your desire to check mailboxes, I myself have a penchant for curb checking. Even though I drive a small car, I hit curbs frequently, so it has frequent bouts of what my husband refers to as “curbitis”, treatment of which necessitates a trip to the service station where the attendant invariably suggests that I should drive something with bigger tires, so I can just drive OVER the curb.

    Love your blog. You invariably make me laugh, sometimes out loud, and think, usually to myself.

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    I balance things all the time and find that I really do need to let my skin “rest” as I alternate. I find there is no benefit to overdoing anything. I get these tiny raised bumps along the sides of my face if I am not careful (but then, amazingly, I can still get pimples on occasion–yes, ACNE). So, I tend to alternate treatments.

    I am curious if you have ever done any of the pulsed light therapies–you can even buy the hand-held versions. I used a red light for awhile and found it delivered some results akin to a 70% monthly peel….however, I found it time consuming. I just sit still long enough. Do you know of any prevailing professional opinions on these things? The theory behind it seems to make sense.


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    I have a headache, my stomach I gotta stuffy nose, Im throwing up and Im having hot and cold flashes /’ .

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    The question with hormones was clotting. Which is picked up during the pre-op bloodwork. Also your endo should be routinely checking this while on T anyways.
    I should mention been on T 4 months .5cc. It is lap w. vaginal removal.
    If the atrophy is severe you would have an indication anytime you had an “encounter” with your vagina. You would probably be getting vaginitis more frequently.
    And menopausal women can be treated with testosterone for the reversal of vaginal atrophy granted yes, in a lower dose.
    You need to remember you actually are female. The gyno is looking for a healthy vagina and even though trans our vaginas will either look normal or not regardless of what on.
    I feel the need to defend my surgeon..sorry.
    PS. I meet Brassard in Nov. let you know if a hard ass.


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