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Real Hot Flash Relief for Menopausal Women

Menopause is not a disease that you can cure with medicines or hormone replacement therapy. It is a phase of life and every woman has to achieve menopause at a certain age but this transition is not easy as it brings many complications like hot flashes. These flashes are heat waves that emanate from within the body due to reduction in hormone level. But there are no worries as you can get hot flash relief from the food items available in your kitchen. It is true that cucumber, almonds, mangoes, brown rice and many food items help reduce the intensity and frequency of heat waves.

The first thing is stress that comes with menopause. Ideally you should take menopause lightly as it is a part of a woman’s life. You have to achieve menopause and there is no escape from it. Be happy that soon you would experience no periods and no complications associated periods. During menopause, the hormone level in your body would become low but there are no worries as you can keep going if you have no stress or tension. For hot flash relief, you can take some useful herbal medicines from your local health food store.

Taking Vitamin E in plenty can give real hot flash relief but you shouldn’t take vitamin tablets as a large portion of the tablets is flushed out from the body. It is a simple fact that less than 50% of the vitamin supplements are absorbed but women rely on supplements rather than food items that are rich in nutrients. In addition to Vitamin E, you can take Omega 3 fatty acids and soy protein to reduce the intensity of heat waves. Omega 3 fatty acids are found in freshwater fish like salmon and soy protein is available in leading departmental stores.

Working women afraid from entering menopause as it brings much discomfort and it can restrict their activities. Ideally working women should dress in layers so that they can remove some of clothes when they have menopausal symptoms. Second thing they should do is that they should avoid stressful work. If possible, working women should take leave from work and go on vacation. Visiting a cool place would help working women control heat waves and other menopausal symptoms. For hot flash relief, they can take some Chinese herbal medicines like Dong Quai and Ginseng that are said to be effective in controlling heat waves.