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Insomnia menopause: You need to sleep like a teenager

Insomnia menopause is one of the frequent complaints of menopausal women. In fact, most women needs to sleep as much as a teenager does. However, they often don’t get it because of the normal stressors that occur at midlife as well as the horrible nightsweats that can keep them awake.

The female body and her emotions go through enormous changes at midlife, and these changes require her to sleep more than normal.

Insomnia menopause leads to all kinds of emotional and physical problems.

Insomnia menopause leads to:

• Daytime drowsiness • Fatigue • Irritability • Decreased concentration • Decreased motivation • Higher rates of error in judgment • Illness • Temporary memory problems

Your Internal Biological Clock

Everyone has a unique biological clock. We get our most restful sleep when we adhere to it. For some people they need to go to bed early and wake up early, for others they feel better when they go to bed late and wake up late. It doesn’t matter how your clock is set, what does matter is that you listen to it. Ideally, we should all have seven to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Good Sleep Hygiene in Perimenopause

Avoid caffeine. Everyone’s tolerance for this is different so you really need to find out how much and how late you can drink it.

Avoid alcohol. This may be surprising for some people. Alcohol may relax you and make you want to sleep initially, but it will wake you up later in the night because of its rebound effect.

Exercise during the day, several times a week. Try not to exercise right before going to bed because it can wake you up.

Deal with your night sweats. Keep a cold pack beside your bed and use it. Wear cotton pajamas.

Kiss the darkness. Close the blinds/curtains, turn your alarm clock, and anything else that’s flashing, away from you.

Make love not war.

Do the same thing every day prior to going to bed so your body knows subconsciously that it’s time for shut-eye. Wash your face and brush your teeth earlier so that you don’t awaken yourself with these routines. Besides, brushing your teeth early will also discourage you from having a fattening bedtime snack which only adds to the midlife bulge.

Write your anxieties down. Keep a journal beside your bed and write down all those ruminating and irritating thoughts that might keep you awake.


Use the techniques that work for you; you may need to experiment a little

You can’t look like a teenager (really, who wants to?) but you should sleep like one.