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Why Do I Feel Full All the Time? A Surprising Reason You Always Feel Bloated & Full

Did you know that many times people will ask “why do I feel full all the time” when in reality what’s going on isn’t their stomach but their intestines are completely bloated & full. Today I’ll explain the #1 cause of this, as well as 2 other very helpful suggestions to eliminate chronic bloating and digestive problems for life! Find out now the real cause of why you’re full all the time.

Two Great Tips to Reduce Bloating

#1. No Liquids – If you eat food routinely with drinking liquids of any kind you are effectively diluting all your stomach acid which will prevent proper digestion and break down in the stomach. This then sends undigested food into the intestine where it has a very difficult time breaking down. Sometimes putrefying and causing additional digestive stress. Nothing beyond 1 cup of water a total 10 minutes before a meal and 2 hours after.

#2. Chew your Food - When you practically inhale your food, not only are you adding additional stress to your stomach but you are missing a critical key to digestion. You digest most of your carbohydrates and sugars orally, chewing is what releases this enzyme. So you need to chew a suggested 40+ times so that the food is a mashed up paste like consistency before swallowing, this ensures that the enzyme will have had time to work as well as your stomach having far less stress placed upon it.

#3. Candida – This is truly the #1 cause of why a person will feel full & bloated all the time. This yeast exists in over 90% of the population and can cause devastating effects on the health which are far ranging from allergies to depression. It’s also always involved in digestive problems, commonly being the root cause of IBS and other digestive problems. The key is to begin eliminating it from your body as soon as possible. It will benefit your health in numerous ways in which you aren’t even aware of. If you suffer from any brain fog or mental fatigue in addition to your bloated feeling then you definitely have chronic candida & must take action!