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Signs of Menopause? is There Something to Worry About?

Signs of Menopause? Is There Something to Worry about?

For most young women, the very thought that they will one day have to pass through a stage in their life known as menopause is enough to send them into a kind of trauma. Older women who have gone through menopause would rather not think about the harrowing times they had. And women who are experiencing this situation right now, the less said the better.

Menopause has always occupied a place of dread in the women’s psyche. Most common signs of menopause are the hot flashes, night sweats, vaginal dryness, burning and itching. These are enough to make the woman’s life hell, but that is not all. The signs of menopause do not stop there. There could be several other problems with normal urination such as increased urination, an unstoppable urge to urinate all of a sudden and urinary incontinence, etc. Mood swings are very common in women undergoing menopause, and so are a host of other mental disorders. Some women also become irritable during menopause, while others can have depressions, extreme fatigue and even temporary amnesia. These signs of menopause mark it as a very dreadful phase in the lives of women.

Menopause occurs in women around the age of 45 to 55 years, averaging in most of them at the age of 51 years. During this period, the woman’s sexual functioning stops completely, and the estrogen levels go down. The menstrual periods come to a stop. The reduction in the levels of estrogen is responsible for the signs of menopause that are observed. In women who undergo hysterectomy (surgical removal of the ovaries and the uterus), menopause can be observed at any age.

Since the 1940s, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals have provided what is perhaps the best solution for women to face their menopauses with a smile. Premarin has been the drug of choice for women facing menopause for over six decades now. This drug contains three forms of estrogen – estrone, equilin and equilenin. All these three conjugated estrogens replenish the depleted estrogen amount in the body of the woman during menopause and help her to face the difficult times in a much better way. This drug is available in two forms – the Premarin pill and the Premarin vaginal cream. The pill is for internal administration, while the cream is for topical application at the vaginal tract.

Today, Premarin is the leading women’s drug in the US, with a very large number of women using this drug. Recommendations for the drug are even passed on from on generation to another. At the same time, the Premarin vaginal cream helps in controlling other problems related with menopause such as the onset of vaginal atrophy. The products are also effective in controlling osteoporosis in users.

If the Premarin vaginal cream is used keeping all the contraindications of the drug in mind, then the woman will be able to sail through her menopausal period without any problems. However, the drug is not recommended for women who have breast cancer, neoplasia, vaginal bleeding, any hepatic dysfunction or an impending pregnancy. The hormonal balances Premarin causes in these conditions could lead to adverse effects.

However, healthy women going through menopause are using the Premarin pill and the Premarin vaginal cream effectively to face the inevitable problem.

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Menopace as Menopause Remedy – up to 85% of Women found it Effective

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The very mention of the word ‘menopause’ fills most women with dread. Quite simply put, menopause is the pause of their sexual life; it is the period after which they will not remain sexually active anymore. But that is not the issue that scares most women. The real fear of menopause is related to the several distressing symptoms that come with it.

In most women, menopause arrives with several correlated difficulties. There could be hot flashes, in which the body temperature increases without any apparent prior indication and then goes down just as suddenly. Some women break out in an unexplained sweat at night. There could be peculiar sensations in the vaginal tract, including itching, burning discomfort and a general dryness. All these symptoms are distressing enough, but they are not all. Menopause is a hormonal activity. There are many drastic hormonal changes going on during this period. Due to this, women may demonstrate peculiarities in their mental behavior also. Women may undergo depression, or they may get extremely irritable. There may also be loss of libido, which could convert into a permanent situation. To top it all, there could be insomnia.

Certainly, with all these problems, menopause is quite a foreboding period in every woman’s life. But, there is respite. Hope comes in the form of Menopace, a very popular and effective drug used as a menopause remedy by women all over the world. Menopace is a safe menopause remedy replete with several vitamins, minerals and nutrients that women need at this stage of their life. Like most other menopause remedies in the market, Menopace doesn’t contain any hormones, so it can be safely taken even by the women who have undergone a hysterectomy.

Menopace is also very convenient to use. It is a one-a-day supplement, which is to be taken with water after a full meal. Since it is not a hormonal supplement, but rather a nutritional supplement, Menopace can be also continued after the menopausal period has subsided without any side-effects. Menopace helps women to find menopause relief from all the painful symptoms that make the period so difficult to live with. This includes the night sweat, hot flashes and all the mental and sexual related problems that occur commonly in this stage. Menopace is very effective too; about 85% of the women of the world have found this drug to help them to find menopause relief.

Menopace is today the leading menopause remedy in the UK. Women are preferring it to other brands because it works in the natural way by fortifying the body with nutrients rather than tampering with the hormones. It has been observed that Menopace does not provide just menopause help, but it also helps in improving the body in several other ways. The drug is supplemented with selenium along with vitamin E to prevent the eventuality of heart problems due to reduction in levels of estrogen. It contains magnesium, zinc and vitamin D, which helps the bones to become stronger. This is very important because in most women, menopause deteriorates the bones. So, Menopace is not just a short-term menopause remedy, but it also fortifies the body for the future.

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Magnetic Bracelets for Relieving Pains of Arthritis

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Statistics reveal that arthritis is affecting an alarming number of people all over the world. About 21 million people have this problem in the US alone. A quarter of all the people visiting the primary care physicians are doing so for their arthritis complains. Arthritis can be of different forms, but the most prevalent one is the osteoarthritis, which is characterized by pain in the joints of the bones. This single form of arthritis will have affected about 80% of all people of the world by the time they have reached the age of 65 years. All these figures are extremely intimidating; they are enough reason for someone to dread getting older. And the scarier part is, the average age at which arthritis is striking people is coming down with each passing year.

Arthritic pains can be very debilitating. It causes a sharp searing pain in the joint itself, accompanied by a burning sensation in the accompanying muscles and tendons. There is an acute soreness and stiffness felt in the region of the pain, which makes moving the joint almost impossible. If the joint is accidentally touched – however gentle the touch may be – it sends a very painful signal all around the area, which may make the person convulse in pain with spasms. Over time, the affected joints fill with a liquid, due to which they swell. At this juncture, the person needs to be extra cautious so that no contact occurs with the swollen part, or it would send out excruciating pain.

Arthritis has been documented in very ancient times, and it is perhaps one of the oldest diseases in the world. Generally, there is no cure. People, even up to the last century, had to resign themselves to their arthritic pains and put them with them until they died. But this is certainly not the case today. Magnetic therapy has made its appearance, and that has really helped in arthritic pain relief.

Science has proved that when a magnetic field is applied to any part of the body, then the blood circulation in that region improves. This brings the assimilated nutrients to the affected region, and improves the oxygen supply to the area. Endorphins, which help vastly in reducing pains, are circulated better in the affected region. With so many benefits, magnetic therapy is certainly being looked upon as a very effective method for arthritis pain relief.

Today, a very large number of arthritis-affected people all over the world are using magnetic bracelets. These specially designed magnetic bracelets for arthritis relief are very effective in reducing arthritis pains in the wrist and even in the fingers, such as the carpal tunnel syndrome. Since there is no medication required, magnetic bracelets are counted among the best arthritis natural cures known to humans.

Apart from bringing in more blood to the affected area and hence providing arthritis pain relief, the magnetic bracelets also help to drive away the accumulated fluids in the affected regions. This makes the body free from the toxins that aggravate the arthritis pains. One far-reaching effect of using magnetic bracelets for arthritis is that the immune system of the person improves on the whole, which is a very important side-benefit.

Magnetic bracelets are one of the most effective arthritis natural cures. Interestingly, these bracelets can be designed very much like jewelry – they can be plated in gold, silver and platinum – and so the wearer need not be embarrassed about having to wear something therapeutic. Genuine manufacturers of magnetic bracelets for arthritis are using highly ornamental designs to make them esthetically valuable, even studding them with jewels and ornamental studs.

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Lower Your Bad Cholesterol with Lipitor

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Lipitor needs no introduction. This drug is today the largest-selling drug in the world. The drug is the most effective treatment for reducing bad cholesterol in the body – the very same bad cholesterol that is responsible for life-threatening cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks and atherosclerosis; and the best part is, Lipitor works even in people with complications of diabetes mellitus type 2.

Why is Lipitor so famous today? Certainly it is because heart disease is the single largest killer disease in the world today. Heart disease can affect just about anyone, belonging to any kind of social or economic background and living any kind of lifestyle. Medical statistics reveal that the age of people dying with heart complications is progressively decreasing year after year, and people just in their forties can be victims. One of the triggering factors for heart complications is the buildup of low-density cholesterol in the blood. This bad cholesterol deposits in the lumens of the arteries, making them narrower. Consequently blood cannot reach the vital organs, and the heart is one of them.

Lipitor works at this very root cause of heart diseases. It helps in lowering cholesterol in the body through a foolproof chemical reaction. Mevalonate is a chemical synthesized by the hepatic tissue, which is required for the production of bad cholesterol. Lipitor inhibits the very synthesis of mevalonate, due to which the cholesterol level is brought down. Lipitor is a statin drug, i.e. it belongs to the chemical family called as statins. Its chemical name is atorvastatin.

Today, Lipitor’s effects in lowering cholesterol are so commonly known that this drug is being safely prescribed for people with obesity problems, which is as high as one in five in the developed countries of the world.

Lipitor is definitely a remarkable drug, but remarkable drugs do not come without their side effects. The side effects of Lipitor are that it can produce coughing, headaches, dizziness, difficulty in swallowing, congested feeling in the chest, puffiness of the eyelids, shortness of breath and skin rash. In some severe cases, Lipitor can produce side effects such as sore throat, blistering of the skin, swelling of some parts of the body and formation of white spots on the skin. However, the side effects of Lipitor can be easily got rid of through medical attention.

There are some contraindications of Lipitor that must be looked into. Pregnant and lactating women must avoid the drug completely, as it could cause developmental defects in the baby and also cause complications in pregnancy. Lipitor does not work well with most other drugs. So if you are on some medication, you must let the doctor know. Some other contraindications of Lipitor are alcohol abuse and smoking, both of which can interfere with the functioning of the drug.

Lipitor works excellently in lowering cholesterol, but no doctor will ever tell you to stop at Lipitor. The fact is that Lipitor must be taken in conjunction with other cholesterol-reducing treatments, such as a dietary regime and exercise. This will ensure the proper functioning of Lipitor in the body.