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Lack of Sexual Desire in Menopause

Women approaching the age of menopause many times have certain symptoms that can be easily identified – one of these is a tendency to lose interest in sexual activity. There are many reasons for this, but hormones play the largest role of course. When a woman starts to feel that the symptoms of menopause, in particular lack of interest in sex get too overwhelming, it’s time to make some lifestyle changes.

Although some women are actually quite happy not to return to the active sexual life they once had, many are quite dissatisfied at the thought of not being intimate with their mate again. If you fall in that second category, then there may be certain things that you can do to increase your desire again, and also increase the lubrication in the vaginal walls that is another symptom of menopause. Here are a few helpful tips to get back to being sexually active:

Increase sleep – Many women starting menopause are having night sweats and insomnia, which can make the desire for sexual activity much lower. Increasing your sleep time will help, but that is easier said than done! There are many herbal remedies to help a woman sleep better, such as Valerian root, catnip, chamomile tea, and kava root extract.

Increase lubrication – Women many times stop having sexual activity due to the pain that is involved in intercourse due to dryness of the vagina. Fortunately there are remedies for this such as progesterone creams that significantly increase this hormone in the affected areas, and tend to balance out the lack of progesterone which causes this problem. Natural progesterone cream can also help other symptoms of menopause including reduced hormone related headaches, depression, indigestion, and even increases in risks for certain cancers.

Increase circulation – At a certain age many women stop having regular exercise, which is bad for many reasons. Exercise not only has benefits for helping keep bones stronger, but also increases blood circulation which is critical for good health and also for increased relaxation and stress reducer. If you are stressed out and this is part of your reason for avoiding or not enjoying sexual activity, then some exercise will certainly help. Also many women enjoy a massage to help relax and ease stress, which can lead to increased sexual enjoyment as well. Take a warm bath, try a some yoga, even the effects of aromatherapy can ease tension and put you in the mood for sexual activity.

In conclusion, there are many symptoms of menopause that can adversely affect a woman’s desire for sexual activity, and finding a remedy for each of these individual symptoms can sometimes help increase desire. Every woman is different though, so find what works best for you and start enjoying life once again.

There are many real symptoms of menopause and also many cures for these symptoms. Learn as much as you can about them, and you can take positive steps to find relief for yourself.

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