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CHILL Cooling Towels Announces Three Free Samples Of Its New Menopausal Towel

Key West, Florida (Vocus/PRWEB) March 10, 2011

CHILL International, Inc., announced today that it is offering three free samples of its new menopausal towels, the only product that provides instant relief for night sweats and hot flashes, according to Allan H. Wimer, Chairman, Founder & CEO.

CHILL has received an overwhelming response to its introduction of the menopausal towels. To introduce more women to this remarkable towel, CHILL is now offering three free towels, a $10.00 value when shipping and handling is included. For a limited time – all you need to pay is the $5.00 shipping and handling fee.

CHILL Cooling menopausal towel is 10 by 10 inches and is made of luxurious 100% cotton terry cloth, pre-moistened with a unique all-natural formula that instantly cools and refreshes on contact. Each towel comes packaged in a new zip-lock packaging, which is easy to open, convenient and makes each towel suitable for multiple uses.

Just simply request the free menopausal towels online at freetoweloffer(at)chilltowels(dot)com; you will need to complete a credit card authorization form to cover the $5.00 shipping and handling costs. CHILL also accepts payment by check; mailed to CHILL Towels, P. O. Box 1317, Key West, FL 33041-1317, please include a return address. All towels are sent Priority Mail and it usually takes one to three days for delivery depending on location. Offer is available only in the continental United States including Alaska and Hawaii. Offer expires May 31, 2011 and is limited to one per customer.

There are over 60 million women, in the United States, who suffer the effects of menopause and there are 30 million women who suffer from hot flashes and night sweats almost daily.

Menopause is a serious and difficult time for women. The side effects are often the most difficult to deal with such as hot flashes and night sweats. Another side effect is the ability to focus and having trouble concentrating, this is particularly concerning to menopausal women as 74% of them work outside the home.

Many women will not consider prescription drugs such as hormone replacement therapy (HRT) because of the potential risks such as breast cancer and heart disease. Other symptoms include depression, PMS, Osteoporosis, diabetes, weight gain, fatigue and low sex drive.

CHILL researched what products were available to women and found that there was virtually nothing available on the market, that provided instant relief for both hot flashes, and night sweats. The research also indicated that there are literally hundreds of “recommended” products available to relieve menopausal symptoms, most are very expensive, and many took weeks for the product to begin working and very few demonstrated any verifiable research and none provided instant relief!

CHILL, in researching providing menopause relief, conducted focus groups consisting of 20 menopausal women in Miami, Florida. In advance of the group meetings, the participants received CHILL towels to use and determine whether CHILL’s towels provided relief for hot flashes and night sweats.

The results of these focus groups were off the charts with all 20 women giving CHILL towels a 10, on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest rating. They loved the feel of luxurious 100% cotton terry cloth towels that are pre-moistened with a unique all-natural formula that instantly cools and refreshes on contact. The only reservation was that the respondents wanted to have a re-sealable package for multiple uses.

CHILL responded to their request by going back to the drawing board to create new zip-lock packaging, which CHILL is now offering on all size towels. This new packaging allows the towel to be used at least 32 times over 8 days when used for 15 minutes each time. This represents a tremendous value to consumers as this translates into a $0.05 per use based on $1.49 retail price of the 10 x 10 inch towel.

CHILL conducted further rigorous testing including placing their cooling towel in a microwave on high for 15 seconds, heating the towel to a temperature of 170. After shaking the towel for 15 seconds the temperature went from 170 degrees down to 68 degrees – a 100-degree difference in seconds. This test demonstrates that heat does not affect the towels ability to cool no matter how hot the towel initially is.

Everyone experiences the uncomfortable impact of excessive heat, CHILL’s Cooling Towels are designed to provide instant heat relief, anytime, anywhere – right out of the package without refrigeration.
Athletes from amateurs, professionals to sporting event spectators use CHILL towels. Doctors and hospitals use them for cooling patients, even freezing them for orthopedic and plastic surgeons to reduce swelling, and, of course for menopausal women for hot flashes and night sweats. The towels contain antibiotic and anti-bacterial properties and are all-natural.

CHILL towels are used year round by fire, police and EMT (rescue vehicles). In fact many industries, the military and professionals all use the towels to provide instant heat relief.

CHILL has created its own product category, is patent pending and is represented in 26 countries around the world and its sales have more than doubled each year since CHILL was introduced at the Orlando PGA Show in 2007.

CHILL leads the way in instant heat relief – the world over.

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