Natural Remedies – Menopause the Natural Way

Natural Remedies – Menopause the Natural Way

Menopause is a natural occurrence that every woman must go through in some manner during her life. Life as she knows it changes. The good news is that there are natural remedies for the changes that occur in a woman’s body at this time of life.

In spite of these changes, this time of life can be a wonderful time for women. It is a time of great freedom. No more monthly periods, which can really upset your life, no fear of pregnancy and at this time of your life you are probably secure in your vocation. The fears and insecurities of a young women’s life give way to self-confidence and independence of a mature woman.

For me, it has been a wonderful time, I have gone back to school and learned about a whole new world. The world of herbal medicine and natural remedies. It has been an exciting time once I learned how to control the changes.

There are 3 steps to menopause:

·         First you start having light or missed periods which normally occurs around the age of 40.

Determing the best Change of life Relief

It really is more quickly to obtain Natural Remedies – Menopause the Natural Way menopause alleviation right now than previously. Shop racks and Internet sites give you a many merchandise offering the menopause relief for your the menopause weary. Before purchasing and/or having any kind of treatment, Natural Remedies – Menopause the Natural Way regardless of whether non-prescription or approved, it's wise for more information on your skill and turn informed upon what exactly is available.

So that you can begin in look for involving menopause reduction treatment options, it's a wise decision to make a quantity of your change of life signs. Site map for Natural Remedies – Menopause the Natural Way Once you've manufactured your own checklist, charge every indicator for the severity with the affect it really is putting on your current day-to-day residing. Different medications and various levels may deliver varying the menopause relief Cassie Vault and are generally used by certain change of life concerns. It's not going to does one high quality to look at a natural change of life technique for menopausal whizzes if this is not particularly for hot flashes. A few ladies prevent getting the the signs of change of life relief they demand since they will be simply with the drastically wrong medicine to deal with conditions as a result of the change of life. An added explanation women don't always be enough menopause relief is that themselves care providers and doctors aren't because advised in change of life therapies whenever they may be. Thus entering the physician's place of work employing a set of signs and symptoms and even perhaps change of life house test results generally is a huge help in letting your medical professional truly know what sort of treatment you really want. If you believe your own medical professional is certainly not knowledgeable in terms of menopause and also power over the menopause relief, check around first which can be. Of course, it can be correctly fine to alter physicians and see somebody that is certainly equally up to date for that most recent treatment options in addition to the one which may handle the whole you rather than simply a sign or analyze end result.

Remember you will find a great deal you can perform all on your own to have the menopause alleviation. Physical exercise, eating habits, strain supervision, along with adequate rest are common conditions supply you with lots of the menopause reduction. Additionally, there are several textbooks in the change of life that will provide marketing strategies and techniques for minimizing menopause symptoms. Online community forums as well as forums are an easy way to locate assist that may supply you with necessary change of life relief. It doesn't matter what, don't quit. The change of life reduction is very achievable when you merely maintain look for in the therapy as well as treatments which is often powerful to suit your needs.

·         Next you stop having periods altogether normally around the age of 52.

·         Finally after 12 full months without periods you have made it to the end.

What are the problems that occur with menopause? Well if you are in one of the above stages, you probably already know some of them. Due to loss of estrogen, which the body produces less of during menopause, the following changes occur.

·         Hot Flashes

·         Mood Swings

·         Insomnia

Natural Remedies are better than taking HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) for many reasons, but the most important is that the National Institute of Health and The American Heart Association advise women NOT to take HRT because the hormones can raise the risk of breast and uterine cancer, also heart disease. Therefore, using natural remedies that mimic estrogen in your system are a much safer course. There are some who say that HRT is natural because it comes from the urine of a pregnant horse, which is a natural product. For me, I would rather eat the correct foods and use plants to control the symptoms.

First let’s discuss diet. One of the biggest secrets to NHR (Natural Hormone Replacement) is soy products. Soy foods contain a large amount of phytoestrogens that can help replace estrogen in your system by mimicking estrogen.

We don’t need to go overboard with soy, 2 servings a day are enough to bring down cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. It can also reduce the hot flashes you may experience. A serving would be a glass of Soy Milk or 2 oz. of Tofu. Soy Milk is quite sweet and is quite tasty. But if you really don’t like that taste, you can mix regular milk ½ and ½ with soy milk and still get the benefits. Tofu can be obtained in most any grocery store and made into salad dressings, or cooked in a stir fry.

Other foods that will help with the changes are whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables and legumes. During this time in your life you should eat beans of some kind every day. You can have chili, black bean soup, salad with garbanzo beans, stir fry’s with soybeans or tofu the choices are endless. A great diet tip is to eat what is in season and as fresh as possible. Rhubarb is an excellent natural remedy for menopause. Enjoy it in season and freeze it for off season. If Rhubarb is not your thing you can take extract tablets to enjoy its benefits.

Of course there are foods to avoid, which are anything spicy, so keep the chili mild and also avoid red wine.

Herbs and Vitamins should also be a part of your regular diet during this time of life.

Vitamin E will help tremendously with hot flashes. Just 400 IU twice daily until you notice less hot flashes then scale back to 400 IU a day. You may still get a few hot flashes, but the bed soaking ones will be gone forever. If you are in this stage of life, you know what I am talking about!

Vitamin C with Rose Hips at 1200 mg. per day is also a good remedy at this time, it will also keep your immune system in great shape and you will get fewer viruses. That is an extra bonus for you.

Calcium is another important supplement for menopausal women. When estrogen decreases, so does bone density. A woman should have 1000 milligrams of calcium a day after menopause.

There are many herbs that can help. Herbs may be taken in capsule form as a supplement or drink it as tea. There are other ways to use herbs but these two are the easiest for most people.

Flaxseed will relieve hot flashes and sleep problems. It will also help to keep you regular and keep your weight down. Flaxseed also has antioxidant properties that help fight cancer in menopausal women. Flaxseed can be purchased as oil, as a seed or already ground into a fine powder. If you have a coffee grinder you can grind your own seeds as it is a cheaper way to purchase flaxseed, but the most convenient way is to purchase it already ground. Take a Tablespoon a day, put it on cereal, mix it in yogurt or as a salad topping. Flaxseed has a nutty flavor that is quite tasty.

Ginseng will help with mood swings and depression. The easiest way to take this is with capsules or tincture. Capsules can be purchased at any place you buy vitamins and sometimes they have tinctures, but any health food store would have the tincture. ¼ teaspoon of the tincture 2 times daily or just follow the directions for a normal dosage on the capsule bottle.

Black Cohash will also mimic estrogen in your body. But I must say the jury is still out on how well it eases the symptoms, it seems to help some and not others. It is worth a try to see if it works for you. It takes 2 – 4 weeks to get relief. If you do take it, do it for 6 months, then off a month, and back on again. The best ways to take this is in capsule form and follow the directions. My doctor actually suggested I use this herb instead of HRT to control hot flashes.

Licorice Root contains compounds called Phytoestrogens, which enhance the effects of what estrogen women still produce. It helps with hot flashes and mood swings. It is an excellent natural remedy for hormone replacement as it will not raise the risks of cancer and heart disease. However you should avoid this herb if you have high blood pressure. You should only use this for 4-6 weeks at a time and take 2 weeks off and back on again. Use licorice root as a tea. Pour boiling water over ½ teaspoon finely chopped root. This can be purchased at any health food store.

Anise will ease hot flashes and most other menopausal problems. Crush 1 tsp of seeds and steep in boiling water to make tea. Anise is a wonderful natural remedy for menopause as the seeds can be purchased at any grocery store in the baking department.

Fennel will also ease hot flashes and most other symptoms. Crush 1 – teaspoons of seeds and steep in boiling water for tea.

As a final tip for getting through menopause, learn to dress in layers, that way you can stay comfortable whatever the level of your symptoms.