4 thoughts on “Menopause Funnies: When You Can't Avoid It, Laugh At It”

  1. ski

    I know I said I was done debating but last comment moved me to weigh in again. urge you to research information about suicide rates amongst gay children in fundamentalist religious homes. When children are taught, in the name of God, or “principles” that the are broken, immoral and need to “be cured”, they are more likely to suffer from depression and may ultimately to suicide. Since you will think I am biased due to my “liberal leanings”, urge you as a father who I am sure loves his children, to give this consideration and do some research. You might by reading the true account written by a Christian woman called “Prayers for Bobby.” Peace.

  2. mann

    Get Ex Back Seeing Someone Else > Alexander Zass, who was too known as being the — Amazing Samson — is recognized being the father of modern-day ia couple oftric exercisest quite is claimed that he built his astounding physique although a prisoner of ware was chained by his hands and feet, along with the only physical exercise he could do was pulling against his chainsn essence, an isometric

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