5 thoughts on “How to Sew a DIY Cooling Neck Wrap”

  1. finch

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  2. keda mazian

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  3. zava

    It's from the diaper. If you look at the package, it does mention the possibility of gel like crystals in the diaper. worry, harmless!

    I found a Cheerio in my diaper today. She was wearing a blanket sleeper all day, so a little confused as to how it made way into her diaper lol.

  4. boeur

    Your sewing machine probablly came with a pack of needles right?
    Well, your needle is probablly tightly closed with this screw thing, unscrew it, take the broken needle out.
    Then take a new needle put it in place, and screw the bolt thing back in.

    hope right and hope it helps.

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