Causes and Treatment for Hair Loss in Your Yorkshire Terrier Dog

Causes and Treatment for Hair Loss in Your Yorkshire Terrier Dog

A well-bred Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie) is generally a very healthy dog in a small package. However, there are some health problems that Yorkie’s are susceptible to, such as allergies, skin problems, respiratory distress, congenital shunts, hot spots, eczema and more. Many of these health issues cause a loss of hair in your Yorkie.

The most common cause of Yorkie hair loss is a food allergy, according to If you have changed foods recently, it would be wise to assume your dog is allergic to ingredients in the new food. It will be necessary, through trial and error, perhaps with the help of your veterinarian, to find the foods that are causing the allergic reactions and hair loss. It is best to choose natural foods with minimal ingredients and no additives or by-products.

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Eczema is a dermatitis skin disorder that affects Yorkie’s and that looks like mange or heartworm though is not a parasitic disorder and it is not contagious or infectious. If left untreated, your Yorkie will lose hair. Eczema favors the base of the tail, shoulder area and neck, though no part of the body is exempt. There are two types, an acute moist condition called weeping eczema and the most common type, a chronic dry condition. Characteristics of eczema can be reddening of the skin, inflammation and skin eruptions, intense itching, scabs and hair loss.

Grooming products that may affect your dog may be certain shampoos, soaps, body products and flea powders that cause allergic reactions in your Yorkie, resulting in loss of hair. Many dogs are also allergic to sprays, disinfectants, paints and chemicals. If you have a dog that is sensitive to various grooming products, it will be necessary to use hypo-allergenic products with no perfumes.

Some parasites such as mites, fleas and mange will probably trigger hair loss in your dog. When your dog is infested with any parasite, it causes great discomfort. Your Yorkie will lick and scratch excessively, trying to find relief, all the while creating bald spots and open sores on the body. Brushing your dog regularly is extremely important in order to be aware of the onset of any parasites before they can do any harm to your dog. and document that the most common cause of hair loss in a Yorkie is their allergic reactions to foods, environment and grooming products. If allergies are a constant or seasonal problem for your particular Yorkie, your veterinarian may prescribe allergy pills or shots for your dog’s comfort. Antibacterial creams and antihistamine ointments may be necessary to treat any sores or hot spots on the skin. As the condition clears up, the hair will grow back.

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